OCC for 2017 launched on Sunday morning 30 July.

Operation Christmas Child is about sending a box of small gifts of love in a shoebox to children in need in another part of the world. The aim is to pack each shoebox with several different items related to an age and gender specific child. There are a few different ages to choose from including ages 2-4, 5-9, and 10-14.

At LJBC we would love for you to each take on the challenge to complete your own shoebox. Shoeboxes are available in the Auditorium Foyer at Church on Sundays. An information sheet will also be provided when you collect a shoebox (costs $0.50).

Also, visit the OCC Table in the Foyer often for regular updates to the 2017 Big Box Fill Day progress.

In addition to you and your family filling your own shoebox, there is opportunity to further assist at our Big Box Fill Day where we fill approximately 1,000 further shoeboxes as a Church activity. If you would like to be invloved in that HUGE activity, please have a chat with one of the OCC Team in the Foyer on Sundays.

Big Box Fill Day for 2017 is scheduled for Saturday morning 16 September.

Sow seed – fill a box or two with your family …