A healthy small group ministry is where we see:

  • a healthy balance between Bible study (discussion around a Scriptural/ministry focus), prayer, worship, and fellowship; and
  • healthy development of participants; and
  • healthy and consistent development of leaders.

PODS are not a replacement for our Church family services. But what happens away from the Sunday family worship and teaching time – in a Home (or where the Small Group meets) – where seeds of faith are sown and grown, where fertile soil, the Creator’s seasons, and a farmer’s nurture happen, can sometimes determine the strength and longevity of our faith! That’s what we hope and pray our PODS are continually striving to build – seeking to present everyone mature in Christ. Its about relationship and living life together as believers, families and friends.

Why is this so important? Well, we grow attendance at Church via Sunday services, but we grow disciples in and through Small Groups.